Choc-uterie Tables

Park Edge Sweet Shoppe's Choc-uterie table is a delicious and chocolatey twist on a traditional charcuterie board customized just for you. You can choose from any of our chocolate confections, including sponge candy sticks, buffalo flats, clusters, truffles, nonpareils, caramels, oreos and more, in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or a combination of both!



1/4 pound per person - $6.25 per person
(we recommend this option if you’re having other desserts besides our chocolates at the event)
1/3 pound per person - $8.33 per person
(we recommend this option if this table is the only dessert option and you don’t want leftovers)
1/2 pound per person - $12.49 per person
(we recommend this option if you want leftovers for your guests to take home at the end of the night)


    We can either:

    Package the chocolate up in bulk for you to pick up and set up for the event yourself


    We can package the chocolate in bulk, deliver it to the event and set it up for you.

    There is an additional fee for this option based on the amount of chocolate ordered.


    Weather & Summer Restrictions:

    Sponge Candy is *unavailable* for choc-uterie tables between May 1 and September 15.

    While we are able to provide choc-uterie tables in warmer temperatures, the events must be indoors and temperature controlled. We are unable to setup any outdoor choc-uterie tables if the temperature exceeds 70°F. The area must also be shaded and shielded from the sunlight throughout the duration of the event.

    Please Note:

    We will need at least a 2 week (14 day) notice for the choc-uterie table to produce and package the chocolates for your event. We require a down payment of 50% of the total price and payment in full 48 hours before your event.

    In the event of cancellation, if this occurs within 48 hours of your event we will retain your 50% deposit.



    Contact us at 716-824-0228 or via email at for more information.