Five Tiers of Chocolates

  • $62.95

Five tiers of beautifully packaged dark or milk chocolates make the perfect gift for anyone!

The top tier is filled with half a pound of our delightfully sweet and creamy Pecan Turtles.
The second tier features half a pound of our whipped Peanut Butter Cups.
Half a pound of Chocolate Covered Pretzels are packed into the middle tier and are the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.
One pound of bite-sized melt in your mouth Chocolate Flats are featured in the fourth tier.
One pound of our delicious Sponge Candy Sticks fill the bottom tier. Handmade in a uniquely shaped stick, it's crisp, sweet, and wrapped in a creamy chocolate coating making it a sinfully exquisite treat.

The Five Tiers of Chocolates contains three and a half pounds of all of our favorite chocolates! Once you try them all, they're sure to be your favorites, too!

Gift wrap, ribbon, colors and designs may vary based on availability and season. *Chocolate options may be substituted due to availability and season.*