Sponge Candy Season Resumes on Monday!

Posted by Alison Russo on

Despite a late start due to hot and humid weather, sponge candy returns to the shelves Monday!

We've been working long hours to battle the mugginess, and get sponge candy ready for opening day on September 12.

This is the second year we’ve dealt with unfavorable weather for the candy-making process. Moisture in the air makes it difficult to get the sponge to a light and crisp consistency. In order to ensure the highest quality sponge, we have to wait until September to begin making Buffalo’s favorite candy.

You'll also see some of your other favorites back in stock, like our truffles, creams, and chocolate covered pretzels.

New for this season are vegan dark chocolate buffaloes using dairy-free chocolate, to meet the growing demand for vegan offerings.

The shop will re-open to full hours on September 12. And for those sponge candy enthusiasts who can’t wait, pick up your candy a day early, at the South Buffalo Farmer’s Market on September 11. 

Please join us for opening week!



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